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I am dreadfully bad at keeping up with my blog, but since I managed to carve out a little time today, I thought I would give y'all some images of the boutique's journey! If any of you had read my very first blog post, you saw me getting down and dirty with some spooky cobweb sand tearing the room apart, wielding a quite horrifying hatchet. The shop has really come a long way.

This bare boned space felt cold and empty, a tomblike space that was dying for it's dress up day! If I had had a magic wand to wave, with the clear vision I had of this space, it would have been easy. But alas, no fairies got us here, just a caker, and her superhero husband!


The two of us worked startling hours in this space, and of course, with any old home remodeling, we ran into our share of bizarre issues to overcome. Eerie electrical encounters, wickedly wobbly walls, and petrifying plumbing problems! But we tackled them all, and the space started to come to life!


The faux bricklaying made me a little batty, and evenly attaching the wood panels on the walls drove my husband mad, but the flooring was frighteningly easy to install, and the cabinetry arrived alarmingly fast. We hired folks to vent the household dryer, to fix our electrical problems, to correct the plumbing, and to install the drop ceilings These remodeling wizards saved us some grave headaches!


The parking area outside was more than a little dreadful, but we were offered help, and a tractor. So with just two days work, we buried the ugliness under some fresh new gravel! A bit of faux greenery made that ugly chain link fence vanish.


I am the queen of rearranging, so the cabinetry, shelves, desk, and seating area have been moved like 31 times or more, and who knows, I may continue to conjure up new layouts as I settle into the space more.


There is work yet to be done with the finishing details, but we are having a devil of a time finding the hours to complete the tasks. But the oven gets hot, the fridge is chilling, and the tricky treats are being picked up by customers despite all those little unfinished bits. I am enchanted with my boutique and still shocked daily that selling sweets is my full time job. I appreciate my wickedly wonderful customers and know I wouldn't be here without them.


And none of this could be possible without the talent and kindness of the following, so thank you to:

Castle Rock Electric

Timberline Plumbing

Arch Construction

Counterwise Inc.

Sunshine & Sawdust

Matthew Thompson

Dot & Dil

Home Depot

Jasey's Crazy Daisy

Sarah Berry Designs

David & Debra Ferrer

Javier Zamora

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