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Tools of a Different Trade

So this is my first blog post, and I am thinking it is going to be rough. Words in my head sound great, but once I transfer them to written form, I sound like a bit of an uneducated fool! So bear with me folks as I try to shake the first post jitters off!

Lovely & Amazing Cakes has been operating out of my home based kitchen for several years. While I have managed to make it work in such a small space, my husband and kids would like to be able to make a bowl of cereal, or cook a pot of noodles without having to move 'cake stuff' out of the way first.

Thankfully our home has this perfect, unused space in the basement, with a separate entrance to the house. My husband had told me time and again I should use that space for my business, and each time I shrugged it off. Then one day the chaos in my kitchen was overwhelming. So I stepped away from the cake pans and mixers, went downstairs, and started demolition.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am accident prone, a bit of a sissy girl, and heavily

reliant on my husband to complete most major tasks. But I was determined to do things on my own. Obviously I had no idea where to find the proper tools to start my demo, a hammer, a crowbar, a screwdriver.... but I was able to find a hatchet, so I went to town. I was having great fun, flailing the hatchet around, knocking down ceiling tiles, breaking paneling into

pieces, and ripping 1x2's off the walls. I was covered in dust,and cobwebs. My hands were

covered in cuts and blisters. But I did it myself, and it was a moment of great personal


BONUS: I didn't slice myself apart with the hatchet!

This was about a year ago, and you know, normal everyday life events sometimes slow down the process of accomplishing extra goals. But things have been slowly chugging along in the Lovely & Amazing Cakes boutique. More demolition has been completed, some supplies have been purchased and are awaiting installation. Contacting electricians and plumbers are on the to do list. I know where my strengths are (mostly in baking and fondant work) and I know when I need to ask my husband for help. So when he has a few days off that coincide with my cake free days, we get a little work done.

The boutique will be so great once it is complete, not only for me to work in a space specifically designated for caking, but also for my family to get back to 'normal' life. I really hope customers will also love the new inviting space. I will continue to post progress reports as we move along.

There! My first blog post complete! I hope y'all enjoyed it, and will be willing to come back again to read more.

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