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Custom cakes should be reserved as early as possible, preferably 1-3 months in advance for parties and events.  

Wedding cakes should be reserved 6 months in advance.  This recommendation should not, however, deter you from contacting us; availability of dates closer to an event is a possibility!

When contacting to discuss a cake, please provide the following basic information:

*an idea for a theme

*how many servings are required

*desire of fondant or buttercream 

*flavor of the cake


Cake tastings for up to three people are available for a one-hour consultation and are available by

pre-scheduled appointments.   Call or email to schedule a tasting.



The number of servings is intended as a guide, servings offer small 1" by 2" portions. The larger the portions served, the fewer servings there are.

The servings are based on a layered cake with layers of filling, with a finished cake which stands at approximately 5 inches in height.  Adding or subtracting layers will influence the serving amounts.  Carved cakes will be designed accordingly based on the number of servings requested.


Remember, if in doubt whether the serving will be adequate, it is always best to overestimate and have leftovers rather than underestimate and risk running out of cake!

Pricing Information

Please note that Lovely & Amazing Cakes has a $100 minimum order requirement.  Contact us to discuss your order details and get your custom quote.  The final cost of custom cakes ultimately depends on flavors, the intricacy of finished design and handmade elements.  


Payment Information


Payment is due in full at time of booking for all cakes under $250, and cakes over $250 require a 50% retainer at time of booking. Final payment is due 30 days prior to the event.  All dates are considered open until the signed contract and payment is received. Bookings are on a first come, first paid basis; Until a retainer is received, dates remain open to other orders who may pay their retainer first.

Additional Information


Lovely & Amazing Cakes is a home-based bakery, that is not subject to state licensure or inspection.  Lovely & Amazing Cakes also may process common food allergens, such as tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy, wheat, and milk.  

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