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No Netflix, No Chill

Here I am. At the start of Graduation cake season, and I am blogging, instead of working on my cakes. Well in reality, I have cakes in the oven, and cakes in the fridge, and cake elements all over my dining room table and kitchen. I have lots more to do, but instead I find it logical to be sitting in front of my computer.

My stress level is higher than normal for a busy cake week as the electric company will be shutting off my power tomorrow for about seven hours......

All these cakes in the fridge and my power is being shut off!?!?! I mean I am super excited that the company I contacted for my electrical work has fit my job into their busy schedule, and that there will be progress to the cake boutique. But there are 21 cakes in that fridge. 21 cakes that have to be torted, frosted, stacked, and chilled. That requires a lot of in and out of that fridge. So that means, all of those things have to be done before 9:00 am tomorrow, before my home becomes a house on the prairie. There is A LOT

of buttercream frosting and some ganache to be made before that can happen. I am stressing, for this reason, but also for the fact that I will have NO POWER tomorrow. No internet, no Netflix, no TV, no Facebook, no emails, all of the important things. My girls said "you won't be able to cook" and I thought really who are we kidding, having no electricity doesn't change the fact I don't cook; like I said the important things have me stressed!

So as my last minutes tick away on the cake in the oven, I should move my focus over to my huge to-do list, which I now realized I have to add: writing down all the numbers to the places that will deliver food to me. I am going embrace the fact that I will be electricitiless (new word, I like it), but not powerless! I have the power to whip these graduation cakes out, because those kids deserve a delicious cake for their 12 years of hard work! (insert my best "you can do it - go get 'em" voice)

The super nice man from the electric company said he would bring a generator to use in case the refrigerator temperature gets too warm. I wonder if he will let me plug in so I can binge watch something good?

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